A downloadable game for Windows

Created for TOJam 9 from 25-04-2014 to 27-04-2014

"Perhaps it's a perfect cruelty to know there are certain dreams that she could not satisfy, could not even enunciate. And, for a superstar, this feels almost criminal."

Please keep in mind that this is not a finished, bug-free game, but more of a test of a game mechanic! About 32 of 111 dialogue boxes are in. Thanks very much for your interest!


Tanya Kan - Lead Designer, 2D Artist, Writer
Eric Roberts - Programmer, Designer
Oskar Pruski - Music Composer, Artist
Mikki Benaglia - Graphics, 2D Artist

Special thanks to the TOJam Organizing Team of 2014

Install instructions

Run installscartissue.exe


scartissue.7z 39 MB